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Find truth + -

We start every project by looking for truth. That relevant truth between the brand and the consumer. The one that has tension in it and that will release the energy necessary for interesting creation.

Create astonishment + -

After finding the right truth, we start thinking how can we relate in an interesting way to it. Because the world is full of noise and boredom. And we certainly want to stay away from those two.

Sweat crafting + -

After all, the first thing a consumer encounters is the form of a project. So, having the proper thinking behind, it only remains to sweat crafting and to go crazy working on details.

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Cătălin Grigore


Sabin Staicu

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Radu Sorescu


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    Start-up cofinanțat din Fondul Social European prin Programul Operațional Capital Uman 2014-2020.

    We’re Sunday Brothers and we’ve started by working on Sundays.

    Truth is our CEO and joy is our business consultant, as long as soul is our biggest investition. Our goal is to bring life into advertising and to make it human. To make the hearts of our brands beat, rather than make them function as breathless calculations – even if we don’t look away from calculations. Thinking that good communication implies two sides, we try to be the advocate of the brands in front of the consumers, but also the one of the consumers in front of the brands. We see companies not only as sellers, but as an important part of our society, therefore we will always try to get them involved in what happens outside of their walls – by having opinions, collaborating and, of course, by acting.